Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Supernatural Hand Tens Machine

Acupuncture without the pain! Revolutionary way to help trim, firm and tone up ! Relax and let Supernatural Hand do all the work. Your muscles tone up in seconds with a gentle pulsating action. Revolutionary super low frequency muscle therapy massager.

Supernatural Hand

Acupuncture without the pain!

This low frequency massager is an excellent human body reaction effect family and personal health care product. It has an ultra low frequency function and you will have feelings like acupuncture, twist turn, needle retention and Chi. It combines a high-energy distribution pulse to conduct similar low frequency adjustment according to all types of harmonic lines due to body stimulation and in turn it will stimulate the reaction effect of meridian points. The feeling of a closed ring can be formed so as to achieve a real treatment method and excellent result.

The Supernatural hand Acu-Massager is a low frequency machine that can simulate acupuncture therapy and massage functions such as cupping, scrapping and slow stroke. Although acupuncture therapy is considered to be a new and alternative medicine in the western world, it has been practiced for thousands of years in the far east to treat various diseases and ailments.

This portable machine can simulate the feeling of acupuncture therapy. It comes with an in-depth instruction manual that outlines which acupoints you should target depending on your ailment.

Massage Functions: Cupping, Scrapping, Slow Stroke, United Stroke, Acupuncture.

This product "Supernatural Hand" Revolutionary super low frequency muscle therapy massager is exclusively distributed by ourselves, wholesale enquiries and distributors are welcome.

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